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In Georgetown, the homeless can be hidden amid the million-dollar homes
In a Georgetown elevator alcove, a heavyset woman in all black sits on two plastic crates, insisting to Gunther Stern that she is fine. She is not homeless, she says. She has a big house. But Stern knows differently. He knows that she will wear the ...
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Trump's Super Tuesday
They call it Super Tuesday, but for everyone other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, March 1 wasn't a great night. The Democratic and Republican frontrunners racked up wins Tuesday, along with delegates, as each consolidated a lead. Could it have ...
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Egypt Looking Forward
Equally important and irrespective of whether or not the new parliament is efficient, Egypt will return once again to the practice of public discussion of policy and governance issues in a representative body rather than simply on the heated and ...
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It's time to banish the racist legacy of Tom Yawkey
Closer to home, Harvard Law School has announced plans to reconsider its official seal, part of which honors the Isaac Royall Jr., a slave owner who play a key role in founding the school. ... At his 1966 Hall of Fame induction, he famously and ...
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Pope Francis Takes On Climate Change, Religious Freedom and Other Big Issues
He endorsed climate-change initiatives President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats support and many Republicans oppose, saying “it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to our future generation.” “When it ...
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eDirham transactions cross $20bn; mobile app on Android, iOS
... Gitex Technology Week and allows registered users to inquire and pay for governmental services; generate eD-Wallet Token IDs (Tokenization); get eDirham card mini- statements and check card balances; add credit, prepaid and direct debit bank cards ...
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Royal Ascot 2015: Newsboy's tips for Friday
Former owner Michael Tabor shelled out £17,500 to add the upwardly mobile three-year-old to the 'Ascot Derby' line-up, and Stravagante – now carrying the colours of Al Shaqab Racing – should justify the move with another victory. ... Towards the back ...
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Sakit sa mata: Anong gagawin?
MAY mga problema sa mata na idinadaing ang mara- ming tao. Alamin natin kung masama ba ito o hindi. 1. Twitching of the eyelids o iyung panginginig ng talukap ng mata. Pangkaraniwang pangyayari ito at hindi po ito masama. Dulot ito ng pagkapagod ng ...
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iSafe women's safety app launched in Kerala
The control room receives the alert along with information on the location, the subscriber ID and the IMEI number of the mobile. The introduction of the technology for women's considered significant in the light of a steady rise in the atrocities ...
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